Terms of Use and Consent for Self-Epilator

◆Terms of Use
■Please do not enter the store before the reservation time.(Indoor cleaning and equipment maintenance may be carried out.)Also, make sure to check out the hair removal device after simple cleaning at least 5 minutes before the check-out time. Ex) For the 18:00-60 minute course, you can enter after 18:00 and leave the room by 18:55 p.m.
■You can only make one reservation and not more than one at the same time. In addition, cancellations and changes to the reservation details can be made up to three hours in advance. If it is past, you cannot cancel in any case.
■Please self-treat (shave with an electric shaver) up to 0.5mm before coming to the hospital. Shaving with a razor can cause hair folliculitis and burns.

■Do not use if any of the following are true.
– Heart disease (heart disease, etc.) ·Those who use medical electronic devices (pacemakers, heart-lungs, electrocardiographs, etc.)
– Pregnant or possibly pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating, blood abnormalities (blood clotting disorder, hemophilia, etc.), malignancy, diabetes and thyroid disease
– Liver dysfunction, medical specific diseases (such as collagen disease), possible bleeding or internal bleeding, and those who have been vaccinated within two weeks
■If any of the following is true, please consult your doctor before using it.
– Persons with atomic bomb disease, acute illness, tuberculosis disease, allergic disease, legal infectious disease, facial black skin disease and fever of 37.5 degrees or higher
– Asthma and bronchial diseases · Especially those with sensitive skin (keloid constitution, atopic skin, etc.) and skin diseases (herpes, etc.) · Topicality ·
Those who are using systemic steroid/nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or steroid hormones
– Liver dysfunction, blood pressure abnormality, medication and hormone therapy, past diseases, alcoholics, people who are not feeling well (excessive fatigue), people who are going to the hospital or taking medicine
■Other people with chronic diseases.
■Do not irradiate the hair removal area excessively.
■We cannot take responsibility for any accidents caused by your chronic illness or physical condition.

◆Precautions before use
■Please use the hair removal gel designated by our salon.
■If you feel something is wrong with your skin, such as when it is abnormally hot, please stop using it and contact the staff.
■In the unlikely event of an accident such as burns or skin problems, even if the hair removal device fails, our salon cannot take responsibility at all.
■Do not use around wounds during treatment or areas where metal, resin, silicon, etc. are embedded in the body.
■Avoid to use when you hungry.(Approximate: Leave at least one hour after meals.)
■If you are not feeling well, please do not force yourself to use it.
■Do not use in the following areas.
– Mucosa, mouth, eyeball, near heart, area where plastic surgery was performed, area immediately after the wound or sunburn, area where pain and sensory impairment are occurring, mole, tattoo
– The area where metals, plastics, silicon, etc. are embedded in the body
■If you have the following skin problems, please do not use it on that area.
– Areas that are inflamed by acne or pimples, areas that cause skin irritation due to cosmetics, and areas with symptoms such as atopy or eczema
– Areas with pathological stains due to itching, burning, and physical stimulation
■Please remove all watches and precious metals.
■Do not use highly volatile substances (de-lighting solution, etc.) nearby.
■Please check the precautions of the depilator, pay close attention to the output, and use it according to the instructions.
■Please be careful not to touch the emergency stop button or key except in an emergency.

◆Precautions for use
■Please be careful not to burn yourself.
■Be sure to use the provided protective goggles when using it.
■Please use the hair removal gel specified by our salon when using it is used.
If it dries up during use, be sure to add it. (Lack of gel can cause burns)
■Keep the hair removal head in close contact with the skin and move it so as not to be stuck in one place.
■Please turn off the power immediately after using the hair removal head.
■Please stop using it immediately if thunder occurs outside.
■Do not expose the eyes to light when irradiated.
■Our salon is not responsible for any malfunction of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet devices or other personal belongings while using the depilator.

◆Other precautions
■ Up to 2 people can enter at the same time, but please all visitors must fill out the consent form.
■The effectiveness of the depilator varies from person to person.
■Be sure to use the hair removal device in a clean condition.


■Please avoid taking baths at extremely high temperatures, saunas, rock baths, and other activities that are too hard on the body on the day you use the epilator.
■We recommend that you check the condition of your skin and allow at least 14 days for the epilator to be used on the same area.
■Do not damage, break, modify, or forcibly twist the cord.
■Warning tone may sound during use. In that case, the epilator needs to be supplied with water.
■Do not get the main unit or operation panel wet.
Please be moderate when in the salon. Please take care of your valuables by yourself.
Our salon will not be responsible for any theft or loss. We will not be responsible for any skin problems or any other accidents that may occur at our salon due to the use of epilators without following the above precautions.
In addition, we will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur with any epilator that we introduce in the future without following the above precautions.
■Security cameras are installed only at the entrance for security measures (no treatment room is shown)
■Smoking is prohibited in salons and building facilities.
■In the event of theft or damage to depilators, equipment and equipment, compensation will be made immediately.
(In the unlikely event that we are not sincere in our response, we will immediately submit all information such as entry records and CCTV footage to the competent police station and legally submit a damage report, etc)

*As a precautionary measure against coronavirus infection, we request that those who may have been in close contact, those who have entered or left a large metropolitan area within 2 weeks, those with a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, or those who are feeling unwell, please wait 2 weeks before visiting us, or visit us after your health has recovered.


I have confirmed and understood all of the above items, and I agree with all of them.